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Do you want to free up your time and focus on your core business activities? Do you need a reliable and skilled virtual assistant or personal assistant to handle your daily tasks and projects? Do you want to save money and hassle by outsourcing your work to a trusted partner?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then consider outsourcing for both cost savings and business expansion.


BPO365 is the perfect solution for STARTERS AND SMALL TO MEDIUM SIZED BUSINESSES.  Bigger and entrenched BPO companies have their core clients, niche markets and as a started you will be lost in the big sea of clients. Our emphasis are for starters and small companies that truly need a boost for expansion without breaking bank. We do want to grow with  you. Most BPOs will charge you between 11USD  and 22USD. Definitely lower than US costs.  BPO365 will do this under 10USD.

We have over 1,000 experienced and qualified virtual assistants and personal assistants in our internal database, covering various levels of expertise and industries. Whether you need frontline callers, data scrubbers, senior consultants, or anything in between, we have the right person for you. And if you need more, we can tap into the 2 million plus call center workforce in the Philippines to find the perfect match for your needs.

Despite charging you less, our staff gets the lion share of the pricing built for your company. We keep our margins reasonable. Most BPO companies would like to keep 28-45% EBITDA despite exceptionally ballooned top heavy management and exorbitant overhead costs associated with top tier priced facilities and histories of past burdens and liabilities resulting in a very dissatisfied and workforce. You can see this in the attrition driven annual employee churn exceeding 80%, 100% some even register higher than 200%. Imagine all of your employees replaced twice over in the span of a year. Our employee churn had been maintained at under 30% for the three years. 

Lastly, notice how we interchange Virtual Assistants and BPO Agents being one and the same for us. Virtual Assistants traditionally are your direct hires from the Philippine pool usually to do odd jobs of cold calling, admin assisting, clerical and personal assistants. BPO Agents are hires for BPO companies that employ customer care, tech care, other traditional support care by bigger companies in the likes of any top 100 biggest companies listed in NYSE. We've blended the expertise in BPO Industry and employed them for Virtual assistant positions for the reasons they are great at what they do. 

Virtual Analysts usually are a lot more innovative in their thinking. Much better generally finding solutions out of the box which makes them excellent stand alone assistants for all trades. Opportunities usually fall in the category of organization especially if they never worked in a more corporate environment. If the business is striving to move to a more corporate feel in the execution of basics- this may be something missed simply because it wasnt something generally covered.

BPO Agents - would have generally gone through the rigors of the basic protocols around BPO companies, and the clients theyve handled. First of course, culture acclimation would have been covered and regardless of the line of business customer service approach would be solid. And then adding the line of business, a healthcare BPO agent would be very sensitive to PCI/PII compliances, documentation completeness and accuracy and precision on required language. Tech support people would be very handy with tech related topics on top of the general customer service. and given how general customer service is pushed hard to identify opportunities for upsell, selling and upselling is also reinforced in training for those that had been assigned for frontline customer service.  This is an advantage that one gets from training and working corporate. At the same token though, this same training had been found to be a concern rendering an agent coming out flat, or too structure losing out on originality or spontaneity. 

Our  pool recognizes the advantages of each and attempts to blend these and ensure we continuously develop virtual assistants of calibre that maintains structure and corporate rigour as needed, while growing the thinking out of the box ingenuity we all desire in an assistant. 

Why we can be your Recruitment Outpost for niche expertise?

With the core management team's  individual BPO experience averaging to about 10 years across ties had definitely been created across, we network to the expert you need whether it is in marketing, sales, training, operations, quality assurance, process improvement or overall project management, we likely would have it. These are across field of expertise like tech, customer service, network management, operations, sales, training, security, human resources etc. Our experience spans across  Healthcare, Sales, Tech, Finance, Banking, Travel Agency, Finance, Cruises, Hotel, Websites, Web Development, Realty, online business and even basic office work support.  BPO365 is a virtual remote hiring office in the Philippines that connects you with the best candidates for outsourcing your essential roles to a virtual workforce.

Stand Alone Experienced Virtual Assistants

Manager Supported Virtual Assistants

Stand Alone Experienced Virtual Assistants

Experienced VA

Manager Supported Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistant with Success Manager

Intro Month averages 680 USD normalizing to around 1000 USD to 1500 USD.

The model for this includes merit rewards for performance above expectation. And may include as well productivity "sharing of the wealth" incentives.

Tailor Fitting To Your Needs/ Steps in Getting Started.

Depending on your needs we can launch your VA/PA staff in 24-48 hours. We do have a ready pool of people that can take over in cases of extreme urgency. We usually seek a lead time of only about a week for generic type of assistance/ work. When the work requirement is extensive and  with significantly higher than usual, a reasonable preparation time will be provided in the quote. 

Here are the steps to sign up

Contact Us Now or Lets Set A Meeting

Lets discuss your needs. We can be reached by call, email, facebook or linkedin.

Preparing the Bid For Your Needs

Our commitment is to provide you the solutions based on your unique needs with 48 hours.

Launch Go/No Go Preparations 

Starts are all considered as a project management level endeavor.

We've Reached an Agreement!

All systems go Partner! Fully understanding that your success is as much ours from now on.

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A Few Reminders Setting Up

Goal Setting - setting your goals for this particular hire is critical and must be shared and understood clearly, calibrated and specific.  This helps fine tune the selection process from both skillset and training perspective.

Hiring for Success: thetrue goals determine, our selection process. However, hiring perfect match or overqualified can mean much higher rates. We should determine, what should be inherent or native to the employee and what can be learned over time.

Setting Up for Success: Our measure of success will always be based on the output, It is critical for every hire that we start having the right tools and equipment.

Communicating For Success: working remotely poses the big challenge in ensuring the work done is shared properly in a timely and unintrusive manner. Reporting ensures the data becomes available, Choosing the right medium to relay this is just as critical. It must be in the matter you appreciate and doesnt add time burden for you.

Reminders When Hiring OffShore

Our years of experience tell us the most common ventures that fail in their "VA Hiring" endeavor could have been avoided with the following simple reminders:

  • There will always be a learning curve. Set step goals to ensure increasing progress over time.
  • There are culture differences, some will be fairly common that you would have ignored it and wouldnt have figured it needed attention. These are things to watch for. 
  • Filipinos always found it difficult to say NO or decline a request diving for the general concern that it may be something interpreted negatrively and personal.
  • Our cultural differences where positions of authority is seen like a familial "parent" figurehead skews discussion over personal time, and space.

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